M O N D I N O is a creative platform where its founder, Celeste, shows and sells her various pieces. The concept behind M O N D I N O, is the way the collections are put together. 

O N E  P A T T E R N - O N E  S I Z E  O N L Y

One pattern in one size only is developed per season. As it has to fit different types of body shapes, it is carefully made with an experienced pattern maker under Celeste´s guidance. Once the pattern is ready, it is made in various types of fabrics. In this way, one same shape looks different depending on the fabric and can cater a variety of people and needs fitting each person in a unique, flattering, and comfortable way. 

L I M I T E D  E D I T I O N

All M O N D I N O designs are limited from ten to fifteen editions per fabric. Each piece comes with the number of the series you purchase, making it special, quite exclusive and somehow unique.

M A D E  I N  S P A I N

All M O N D I N O pieces are designed by Celeste and made by skilled seamstresses in Madrid, Spain.

With detail and quality, they are timeless pieces that exude personality.

As I continue to discover striking and inspiring fabrics, and as new ideas come to my mind, I will add styles and modify the collection.

Keep an eye out for future M O N D I N O pieces!